Tony is precious to us!

In 2014, as I had to put Blossom Ragdolls on hold to get a new career for my family, I hand-carried a lovely, female
Blossom kitten to my sweet friend, Charmayne of
Marlcreek Ragdolls in Canada.  This was the beginning of a
beautiful friendship & kitten trade between us.  The special kitten given to Charmayne was
"Blossom Linny" from my Whiskers & Linden.  

Blossom Linny is the proud mother of our wonderful Tony, and so, we are over-joyed that Tony brings us back our
Blossom lines.  
Linden and Oliver and Buttercup are, all, in our sweet Tony's pedigree,
from his Blossom mother, Linny.

Tony's father is another fabulous Ragdoll, belonging to Brianne of
USApurrs in Florida.

We are so proud and blessed to be a part of these 2 great breeders working together
to produce our precious and gorgeous boy, Tony Thyme!

Truly, Tony has it all, and yes, complete with navy blue eyes!
Tony loves the shows & we are excited to show him.
Plus, Tony is named in honor of our amazing
Pastor Tony Evans

Charmayne, I can never thank you enough for your great friendship,
and for the beautiful breeding that you do at Marlcreek Ragdolls.

Tony's parents are DNA negative for HCM & Tony will be tested & negative, as well.
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Our New
TICA Double Grand Champion!

DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom

Seal Point Mitted
Show & Breeding Boy

DOB:  08/05/2015

Sire: TGC Ragstars Caprize of USApurrs
Dam: Blossom Wisteria Lane of Marlcree
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