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Marlcreek Trixy Trillium of Blossom

Blue Point Mitted
Show & Breeding Girl

DOB:  07/05/2015

Sire:  Rydersrags Mr Lincoln of Marlcreek
Dam:  Marlcreek Miss Mitts
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Trixy is our precious, sweet, baby girl!

Trixy's name means "happy" and I sure named her right.

Trixy is one of the happiest girls that I have ever met.  She is gorgeous and playful and she absolutely loved the
shows as a kitten.  The judges loved her, too, but as she turned 8 months, she decided that the shows aren't her
favorite place.  And so, she will stay home and be happy.  Trixy is a wonderful girl and we're hopeful for beautiful
kittens from her.  Trixy is so happy just being part of our great Blossom family.

Trixy has that babydoll face and deep blue eye color that we love.  We think Trixy has it all!

We're so in love with our beautiful, baby Trixy!

Trixy's flower in Blossom tradition is "Trillium."  
Trillium is the Ontario flower in honor of Trixy's Canadian home.

Charmayne, we can never thank you enough for this very special
Marlcreek Ragdolls girl.

We are excited to return our love to you, Charmayne, with a Blossom kitten.
We can't wait for you to visit Blossom Ragdolls in Dallas.

Trixy's parents are DNA negative for HCM