Our 2008 - 2009 Blossom Ragdolls Show Season
All cats here shown and titled in this season ending April 2009
Awards are for South Central Regional Wins
ALL had the time of our lives....

RW SGC Blossom Love Struck Baby Sage
Seal Point Bi-Color
DOB:  05/01/08

Bred/Owned/Adored by Dana Pendergraph

Double Regional Winner
16th Best Allbreed Kitten
9th Best LH Champion
2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten
2nd Best Championship Ragdoll
Best Seal Point Bi-Color Ragdoll

My precious Baby Sage and I were each other's whole world.  His amazing baby doll face made him recognizable and
adored world-wide, as well.  My Baby Sage tragically died on August 17, 2009 of FIP...
Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  He
loved every second of our showing together and showed no signs of any illness until the very last show in April.  At
that time, his being grumpy was chalked up to his turning one year old and being ready to breed.  After we finished
our phenomenal and forever treasured show season, Baby Sage began to rapidly decline!  It only took 4 months for
the dry form of FIP to take my precious Baby's life.  When he died, I was a crumbled pile on the floor!  I was brutally
angry that my boy was taken and began to rise from my heap, knowing I must help fight this devastating disease of
FIP that presently has no cure and is 100% fatal.

This NON-CONTAGIOUS terrible disease of FIP affects all breeds and is highly complicated.  It also has a stigma of
blame on the breeder, which couldn't be further from the truth.  But regardless, because of this stigma, breeders
tend to hide any FIP in their cattery.  I, personally, find the blame and shame as a huge part
of the continued problem, so therefore, I went public with this one and only case of FIP
that I have ever experienced in my home and cattery.

In my devastation, I knew I could never take this pain again!  So I began a world-wide, on-line auction to help raise
money and awareness for this horrible disease of FIP.  In this auction, The Baby Sage FIP Fundraising Team raised  
$4,000 for
SOCKFIP in September 2009 which was donated to
Dr. Niels Pedersen, PhD, DVM for his continued research of FIP.  

In November 2009, Dr. Pedersen found the mutated gene for FIP!  He is now closer than he's ever been to unlocking
this horrible disease, and we must continue in our support!

We always knew you were extremely special, Baby Sage, and now, in your celebrity status,
you have helped bring awareness through this world-wide effort to help end the horrific disease of FIP!

Please click on
SOCKFIP to learn more about FIP and how you can donate to help this important world-wide cause!
2008 - 2009 TICA Show Season
A Year for Blossom Ragdolls Memory Books!
Blue Point Bi-Color
DOB:  02/03/08
Owned/Bred/Adored by Dana Pendergraph
18th Best Allbreed Kitten
3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten
2nd Best Blue Point Bi-Color Ragdoll

Blue Point Bi-Color
DOB:  04/08/08
Bred by Laura Nielsen/Owned/Adored by Dana Pendergraph
12th Best LH Champion
3rd Best Championship Ragdoll
Best Blue Point Bi-Color Ragdoll
Accomplishments in only 4 shows
QGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody
Seal Point Mitted
DOB:  06/30/07
Bred by, Owned & Adored by
Dana Pendergraph

Best Seal Point Mitted
CH Blossom Honeysuckle Rose
Seal Point Tortie Bi-Color
DOB:  05/01/08

Bred by, Owned & Adored by
Dana Pendergraph

Best Seal Point Tortie Bi-Color   
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