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Blossom Cat Shows
First show of the new season!

May 19 - 20, 2012

Skyway Cat Club
Minnreg Hall
6340 126th Avenue North
Largo, Florida

Proudly showing:
Linden in Championship Division
Seiryu & Nadeshiko in Kitten Division

Flordia Show Report

These 2 Blossom kittens will go to Nahoko Kaizuka, TICA judge & Reddoor Ragdolls in Japan.
Our sincere thanks & appreciation to Nahoko for everything!

So much fun at the show... and at the beach!
June 9-10, 2012

Wis-Ill Cat Fanciers
Forum Building, Waukesha Exposition Center
1000 Northview Road
Waukesha, Wisconsin

A wonderful show that we, especially, selected for our beautiful, 7 month kitten, Seiryu that is going to
Nahoko Kaizuka, TICA judge & Reddoor Ragdolls in Japan...

Proudly Showing:
Blossom Seiryu of Reddoor received 9 finals in Kitten Division - 7 months
Blossom Nadashiko of Reddoor received 2 finals in Kitten Division - 5 months

Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom received 5 finals in Championship Division

Wisconsin Show Report

Our sincere thanks for a wonderful show!
Life is not just about the destination, but is about enjoying the journey...
This season's shows are listed, below, from most recent through the season...
We enjoy every second of our traveling, with friends and our precious kitties...
We are honored to promote this Ragdoll breed and to have so much fun in doing it!
June 16-17, 2012
North Alabama Feline Fanciers
The Jaycees Building
2180 Airport Rd. SW
Huntsville, Alabama

Fun show with great friends!

Proudly showing:

Linden in Championship:  
8 finals in this show
Nadeshiko in Kitten Division:  youngest kitten in big Ragdoll class
Seiryu in Kitten Division - Saturday:  8 finals in one day!
Seiryu in Championship Division - Sunday:  turned 8 months on this day, competing with 5 adult Ragdolls
Seiryu   :)
Linden   :)
Scottie & Me
July 14, 2012
Austin Cat Fanciers
Frank Mayborn Convention Center
3303 N. Third Street
Temple, Texas

Fun one day show with 10 Allbreed rings!

Proudly showing my Blossom kitties, competing with many beautiful Ragdolls:

Linden in Championship:  3 finals
Seiryu in 1st Championship Show - 3 finals
Nadeshiko in Kitten Division:  3 finals

Not many pictures because it was a busy day, showing my pretty kitties...
I'll have enough photos from next show, to make up for it... LOL

Nadeshiko and Seiryu

...lovingly known as Shiko & Rudy  :)
August 3-5, 2012
The International Feline Showcase
South Central Regional
Omni Bayfront
900 North Shoreline Blvd.
Corpus Christi, Texas

Oh my goodness!!  
This show was a HUGE 3 day show of 215 cat entries, and was the largest show for the South Central Region in
many years.
 It was a glorious sight!  We had a wonderful weekend with dear friends and precious kitties, and
thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious treat to stay at the beautiful Omni Hotel on the Gulf of Mexico!  
We received our sweet Linden's 2012 Regional Awards during the Saturday evening Awards Banquet.

We showed:
2 Championship cats:  Seiryu and Linden, 2 very nice blue bicolor boys
2 Kittens:  Nadeshiko, seal bicolor 7 month girl
and Oribella, blue bicolor 4 month girl

Our cats loved the show and we had a wonderful time,
with about 10 Championship Ragdolls and 6 Ragdoll kittens in competition!

Linden got 4 finals & continues toward our goal of his Regional Win this year,
in pursuit of his

Seiryu received 1 final & he continues his road to achieve his titles
Our kittens each received Best of Breed and/or a final
They all enjoy the show, and the judges love them all...
We are so blessed.
#13 Nadeshiko
#13 Nadeshiko and #15 Oribella
Linden on table, and Seiryu at back #124
Linden on table, and Seiryu at back #124
August 18-19, 2012
Yellow Rose Cat Club 2012 Show
"Bring A Treat"
Amarillo Civic Center
401 S. Buchanan
Amarillo, Texas

New show for this South Central Region, and it was a great show!
Many gorgeous Ragdolls in competition, in Kitten and Championship
And lots of fun with friends

We showed our beautiful:
Elonadolls Oribella - 5 month kitten
Blossom Seiryu - 10 month Championship boy
Blossom Nadeshiko - 8 month Championship girl

Seiryu received 5 finals and is now a Quadruple Grand Champion!
Our new Blossom babies,
Aster & Azalea, were here for 3 month old training time!

We all love to be at the shows together!
September 1-2, 2012
TICA Annual
Great Lakes Cat Consortium
Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio

One word describes any TICA Annual International show....

It's always so thrilling to see over 300 amazing cats & kittens entered and competing from all around the world!

I showed my beautiful and sweet
QGC Blossom Seiryu of Reddoor
and he competed with 6 gorgeous Ragdolls, including the current #1 Ragdoll of TICA.  
Seiryu was 2nd Best of Breed in many rings and we thoroughly enjoyed the show with everyone.

We also received
Linden's International Win Award at the Saturday evening banquet!  
This was a thrill of a lifetime!

I was honored to give the Ragdoll Seminar on Friday before the show!  
It went beautifully and I'm excited to present our seminar again.

Seiryu was requested to be in the show's feline fashion show, and it was hysterical!  
This was one of the largest spectator attractions of the show...
The cats really didn't mind, at all.  They really liked the attention.
And Seiry also participated in the Cat Agility Course...

Seiryu is an amazing, sweet and beautiful boy!
September 29 - 30, 2012
Austin Cat Fanciers
Bell County Expo Center
301 W. Loop 121
Belton, Texas

Such a great show for Blossom Ragdolls!

We showed:

3 beautiful, sweet kittens:

Elonadolls Oribella - 6 months old - blue point bicolor
She received 5 Best of Breed placements, and 3 finals

Blossom Azalea Joy - 4 months old - blue point tortie mitted
She received 3 finals, including a Best Allbreed Kitten in a class of 45 amazing kittens
She finished Best Ragdoll kitten of the show!

Blossom Aster Jubilee - 4 months old - blue point tortie mitted
She is so gorgeous & sweet, but just can't get past her gorgeous sister!  
So many of the judges really loved both of these beautiful sisters, but they had to make a choice.
So we will continue to show both of these sweetie pies  :)

2 amazing, big, gorgeous, sweet boys:

IW SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden - 1 year and 7 months - blue point bicolor
Linden continues to love to show!  
He is last year's Best Male Ragdoll of TICA and our amazing International Winner!
We hope for a Regional Win this year & he will have his
Rare & wonderful, indeed!
Our endless gratitude to Christie of Keepurrs Ragdolls

QGC Blossom Seiryu of Reddoor - 1 year old - blue point bicolor
We call him "Rudy" and he has become quite the wonderful & sweet boy!
He loves to show & he received 5 finals!
We will take this wonderful boy to Nahoko Kaizuka/TICA judge & Reddoor Ragdolls in Tokyo on November 20
We are beginning to feel the pain of saying goodbye, and we're enjoying every second with this cherished boy!

We are enjoying every moment with our beautiful boys and sweet kittens!

Click on photos for larger view
October 20 - 21, 2012
Red River Rascals
The Animal Resource Center
7949 South I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We so love the shows!

2 kittens:
 Blossom Aster & Blossom Azalea
2 big, gorgeous boys:  QGC Blossom Seiryu of Reddoor
IW SGC Keepurrs Linden of Blossom
October 27-28, 2012
Enchanted Cat Club
Expo New Mexico
300 San Pedro Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Our wonderful boy,
Blossom Seiryu of Reddoor
became a Supreme Grand Champion
November 17-18, 2012
Turkish Van Cat Connection
Ellis County Youth Expo Center
2300 W. Hwy. 287 By-Pass
Waxahachie, Texas

Great Dallas, Texas show!

Proudly showing.....
Linden and Seiryu in Championship Division
Aster and Azalea in Kitten Division

This was our sweet Seiryu's last show and we took him to his new home with Nahoko Kaizuka in Tokyo, Nov 20.
See pictures from our Japan trip on our
NEWS page.
See Seiryu's special show career below.
Blossom Azalea Joy
from our Chanson & Linden
6 months
Blossom Aster Jubilee
from our Chanson & Linden
6 months
December 7-9, 2012
The International Feline Showcase
Hotel Corpus Christi
601 North Water Street
Corpus Christi, Texas

Favorite & cherished show!

I think it's my favorite just because of the wonderful Christmas atmosphere at The Omni Hotel on the waterfront!  
We treat ourselves just a bit more during this Christmas show, with beautiful dinners,
and so much cherished fun with our friends and kitties, as always!

We showed 3 of our amazing girls:

Elonadolls Oribella Ivy of Blossom:  her 1st adult show at 8 months, received 15 finals and is a Triple Grand Champion!

Blossom Azalea Joy received 8 finals in Kitten Class

Blossom Aster Jubilee received 6 finals in Kitten Class
Blossom Azalea Joy
from our Chanson &
6 months
Blossom Aster Jubilee
from our Chanson &
6 months
January 26-27, 2013
Compadres Cat Club
VFW Post 8905
21902 Highway 290
Cypress, Texas

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!
Very, very special...
Our amazing Linden's final show of his
STUNNING, almost 2 year long show career.  

Even as he turns 2 years old in February, and has been breeding since he is 10 months old, he continues to adore the travel
and our cherished time together, and he has shown amazingly since 4 months old!  But he now has only one small challenge
about the showing... He rolls over on his back in the judge's cage, and when they reach to get him, he wraps around their
hand and arm, and gets a bit rough... I call it "setting his trap!"  LOL.  He doesn't do this every time, and when he comes out
without this challenge, he shows beautifully in every other way!  The other Ragdoll breeders are very impressed with his
amazing temperament, and we received some amazing finals at this show, with a large cat count in the 50's...

Linden received 2 Best Allbreed, 3rd Allbreed and 6th Allbreed...

But his showing has now become inconsistent and I won't risk, nor push!

Linden has had
THE most glorious show career that I will EVER experience for Blossom Ragdolls!  
We believe his score this season will hold for his 2nd Regional Win, and combined with his International Win in his
Championship career, this will give him the rare title of

We are so blessed and honored with Linden's amazing show career, and will always cherish this experience with him!

He is forever our baby doll, and we're so grateful to Christie of Keepurrs Ragdolls for our amazing Linden!

What a wonderful contribution he is, to the entire Ragdoll breed!

Cherished photo session in our hotel room on Saturday night, his final evening in a hotel.
And in all his glory, below, to the very end of his amazing 2 year career, even as a gorgeous breeding boy!

See his entire show career on this page, below, and our
2011-2012 page!
February 9-10, 2013
Heart of Texas Cat Club
Killeen Civic and Conference Center
3601 South W. S. Young Drive
Killeen, Texas

Beautiful show hall, making for one very fancy show, with a large entry of International-level of campaigning cats!

We so enjoyed our fun and restful weekend, showing our beautiful 3 Blossom girls:  
Oribella, Aster and Azalea.

Azalea received 2 finals in a class of about 12 amazing Ragdoll adults!

There were also 12 great Ragdoll kittens at this show, and it was the largest gathering of new & old Ragdoll breeders
that I've ever seen at one show, not being a Ragdoll Congress!  

A truly awesome weekend with our precious kitties and friends!

Our showing will now slow down a bit, as we have just finished showing our precious Linden.

We are so thrilled and blessed.

See our beautiful TGC Elonadolls Oribella at this show
March 23-24, 2013
ArkLaTex Cat Society
Riverview Hall
600 Clyde Fant Parkway
Shreveport, Louisiana


Great weekend with good friends and our precious Blossom Ragdolls!
We are so honored to have so much fun as we promote this precious Ragdoll breed!

Aster now has 3 finals toward her Grand Championship
Azalea has 4 finals toward her Grand Championship
* And introducing our new 3.5 month old baby girl, brought for fun and training,
"Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song, aka

We've had the time of our life at the shows, and next show season we will now slow a bit.

Please enjoy this show page, and all of our show links, above.

We are proud and honored with our valued work to promote and protect this phenomenal Ragdoll breed.