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May 2013 - April 2014

We love everything about the journey of showing and our precious Blossom Ragdolls!

We've had the time of our life at the shows for 13 show seasons, please see the show links above!

We cherish our show time, driving across our beautiful countryside, showing with our friends, and all the fun
with our precious cats & kittens!  This season we will show about one show per month.  

We hope you will enjoy this show page, and all of our show links, above.

We are proud and honored with our valued work to promote and protect this phenomenal Ragdoll breed.
Blossom Cat Shows
May 11-12, 2013
Enchanted Cat Club
Expo New Mexico
300 San Pedro Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87198

A wonderful show in one of my favorite towns of Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Great time with precious friends and our cherished Blossom Ragdolls:

Achieved this title in just two shows, at one year old
9 finals in Championship Class

Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song
5 months
10 finals in Kitten Class
5 Ragdolls in ONE
Championship Final
TICA judge, Kurt Vlach
from Vienna, Austria
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All rights reserved

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The Maine Coon Connection of Texas
MPEC Exhibit Hall
1000 Fifth Street
Wichita Falls, Texas  76301

Wonderful show with a
REMARKABLE QUALITY of Ragdolls competing!
...12 beautiful Ragdoll Kittens!
...9 amazing Ragdoll Champions!

My sincere congratulations to all of the South Central Ragdoll breeders.  
Our consistency in high quality Ragdolls is to be commended!
So proud of us, all... GO RAGDOLLS!

Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song, aka Angel
7 months old in Kitten Division
4 finals at this show

QGC Blossom Azalea Joy
14 months old in Championship Division
3 Championship shows & she completed her Quadruple Grand Championship
3 finals at this show

We're so proud of our sweet and precious Blossom kids!
Enchanted Cat Club
Expo New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

We had an unwanted, long break from our last show in July,
due to finances, and we were SO BLESSED to finally be back to the shows.
This adorable Albuquerque show is one of our very favorite shows!

Our 11 month old, beautiful Angel's first adult show, and she is now a TICA Champion!

CH Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song

We had an absolutely wonderful time in this beautiful, favorite town!
November 23-24, 2013
Turkish Van Cat Connection
Ellis County Youth Expo Center
Waxahachie, Texas

A wonderful weekend with our friends and our kitties, at this only Dallas-area show of the year!

An amazing class of 12 gorgeous Championship Ragdolls!

TICA's Judge of the Year, Adrianna Kajon, awarded our wonderful Angel her 6th Best Allbreed Final.  This is Angel's
2nd adult show, and she needs only 3 more finals for her Grand Championship.  Our beautiful Angel loves to show!

The South Central region has some truly great Ragdoll breeders, and we're a group of sweet friends.  
We all had a fantastic weekend together!

December 13-15, 2013
The International Feline Showcase
Hotel Corpus Christi Ballroom
601 North Water Street
Corpus Christi, Texas


This show is always one of my very favorites, as we do special celebrating for Christmas-time at the luxurious Omni
Bayfront Hotel, with it's wonderful ocean view & out-of-this-world service & cuisine!  Add to this, amazing fun with very dear
friends and our precious kitties, and also add, this was my very first experience as Show Manager!  I enjoyed every part of
this weekend, and am so thrilled and honored to donate my work to this amazing TIFS club, and my friends of this
phenomenal show!  I hope this is just the first of my new path as Show Manager for this beautiful show!  

Next year this show moves to Thanksgiving weekend, and will be a beautiful and luxurious "all-in-one show"
at the amazing Omni Bayfront Hotel... So exciting!

There was a very nice count of 40 Championship cats, and many were campaigning cats from out of region!
There were 12 gorgeous Championship Ragdolls competing,
and my beautiful Angel received 2 Best of Breed, and 2 nice finals:

8th Allbreed Championship Cat from Fate Mays
BEST Longhair Championship Cat from Toni Meisberger
January 25-26, 2014
Compadres Cat Club
Harrington/LeBeauf VFW Post 9854
Vinton, Louisiana

Our precious
Gordon turned 4 months on Sunday January 26,
and we proudly debuted our adorable 4 month kitten from
Melody & Linden:
It's a glorious show year, and we are proudly, now showing our beautiful, new Blossom boy kittens!

Shows are listed from most recent, and continue through this show season....
Heart of Texas Cat Club
Killeen Civic and Conference Center
Killeen, Texas

Our precious
Gordon from Melody & Linden is only 4 months old, and he weighs over 7 pounds!
We think he's amazing, and we're having so much fun showing this sweet, sweet boy!

We always have so much fun with all of our TICA family and friends!

Gordon received 2 finals:

Fate Mays      5th Best Allbreed Kitten
Joe Edwards   10th Best Allbreed KItten
February 14-16, 2014
Glass CiTICAts Cat Club
Lucas County Rec Center
Maumee (Toledo), Ohio

At this show in Ohio, we proudly debuted our 4 month old Blossom baby boy kitten!

OPIE, our beautiful cream mitted boy, turned 4 months on Thursday, February 13, and he weighs over 7 pounds!
OPIE is our precious, and long awaited, Oliver Sage protege' son!  His momma is our beautiful Azalea Joy!

And we, also, showed our truly wonderful, 4 month old...

GORDON is from our precious Melody and Linden and he, also, weighs over 7 pounds.

This Toledo, Ohio show was an amazing, huge show that had the atmosphere, spectators, great judges from all around the
globe, and the cat & kitten quality of a TICA Annual show!  We had a wonderful time with our Ragdoll breeder friends,
and our precious Blossom kittens got a beautiful start for their important showing routine.

We think these pictures & adorable video, below, tells the story of our cherished & beautiful baby boy kittens:

Please click here to see our precious OPIE with TICA Judge of The Year, Adrianna Kajon

This video, above, is 85.4 MG, so it takes a few minutes to download... It's worth the time to see... Enjoy!

Click photos for larger view
March 15-16, 2014
Alabama Paws & Claws
Anniston Meeting Center
1615 Noble Street
Anniston, Alabama

We love to travel to the shows!
We drove about 11 hours to this Alabama show, and had a great weekend with our friends, and with our beautiful Blossom
boy kittens!  Yes, we even love the drive across our beautiful country!  We believe that we are blessed
to have every part of this experience!

We are so proud of these wonderful, sweet boys, and they are 5 months old at this show:

Cream Mitted from Oliver/Azalea
3rd Best Allbreed Kitten - Harley DeVilbiss
5th Best Allbreed Kitten - Stephanie Smith

Seal BiColor from Linden/Melody
3rd Best Allbreed Kitten - Fate Mays
8th Best Allbreed Kitten - Harley DeVilbiss
April 12 & 13, 2014
Mission City Cat Club
Garden Ridge, Texas

Great show & lots of fun, near San Antonio, with my sweet friends and our beautiful kitties!

GORDON - Seal Point Bicolor boy from our Linden & Melody - 6 months in Kitten Class - 6 finals!

OPIE - Cream Point Mitted boy from our Oliver & Azalea - 5 months in Kitten Class - 3 finals!

We had a wonderful & cherished time!
April 26-27, 2014
Centennial Building
Oklahoma State Fairgrounds
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Final show of the season with my sweet friends and our beautiful Blossom kitties!

GORDON - Seal Point Bicolor boy from our Linden & Melody - 6 months in Kitten Class - 7 finals!
And #1 Ragdoll kitten of the show!

OPIE - Cream Point Mitted boy from our Oliver & Azalea - 5 months in Kitten Class - 5 finals!

Another wonderful & forever cherished show season!