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May 2017 - April 2018

We love everything about the journey of showing and our precious Blossom Ragdolls!

We've had the time of our life at the shows for 13 show seasons, please see the show links above!

We cherish our show time, driving across our beautiful countryside, showing with our friends, all the fun
with our precious cats & kittens, and promoting this extraordinary Ragdoll breed!

We hope you will enjoy this show page, and all of our show links, above.

We are, forever, proud of our valued work to promote and protect this phenomenal

BLUE-EYED POINTED Ragdoll breed.


Shows are listed from last show of the season, down through season beginning.
Blossom Cat Shows
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September 30, October 1, 2017
Austin Cat Fanciers
Frank Mayborn Convention Center
3303 North 3rd Street
Temple, Texas

Such a wonderful, adored weekend with our friends & our beautiful, sweet 4 month old Jasmine!

3rd Allbreed Kitten - D'Ann Kovic
4th Allbreed Kitten - Jim Armel
5th LH Specialty Kitten - Charlotte Shea
October 14-15, 2017
Red River Rascals
Biltmore Hotel Oklahoma
401 South Meridian Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We are so blessed to be with our friends, and our amazing, 5 month old JASMINE!

3rd Allbreed Kitten - Steve Lawson
5th Allbreed Kitten - Canie Brooks
3rd LH Kitten - Charlotte Shea
3rd Longhair Kitten - Charlotte Shea
4th Allbreed Kitten - Canie Brooks
9th Allbreed Kitten - Joe Edwards


She is quite the funny movie star and is loving the show scene!


December 9-10, 2017
Turkish Van Cat Connection
Ellis County Expo Center
Waxahachie, Texas  (Dallas area)

At this Dallas area show, our Jasmine was a beautiful, sweet, 6 month old kitten.  She loves the shows &
we're having so much fun with her.  Jasmine is our joy & it's our true honor & thrill to show her.

We had a wonderful, cherished time with our friends,
promoting this amazing Ragdoll breed that we love with all of our heart.
January 26-28, 2018
Feline PAW Foundation Cat Club
Jimmy Burke Activity Center
500 West 13th Street
Deer Park, Texas  (Houston area)

Jasmine's first adult show at 8 months!


We are so in love with our Jasmine!  She meets every detail of the TICA Ragdoll standard,
and with 7 beautiful adult Ragdolls competing, Jasmine was in the TOP 3 BEST OF BREED
in almost every ring of this 3 day show, with 15 rings.

Jasmine received a 5th BEST ALLBREED FINAL from D'Ann Kovic!

We had a wonderful time with Jasmine, our friends and in promoting our amazing Ragdoll breed.
February 16-18, 2018
The International Feline Showcase
The Omni Hotel
900 North Shoreline Blvd.
Corpus Christi, Texas

This is it, my favorite show of TICA!  As a member of this TIFS cat club, we have worked & planned for many years to finally
have this as an all-in-one show at this beautiful Omni Bayfront Hotel!  So this show at The Omni was so very special to me.
I actually looked forward to this show for several years, and wow, this did not disappoint!

My sweet friend & roommate at this show, Cathy Arontein, was also a long time dream come true, as we have tried for years
to do a trip together.  Finally achieving this, at this gorgeous venue, we were in heaven.

My great Ragdoll breeder-friends of California, also enjoyed this show with us.

AND, we have two great, new Ragdoll breeders in Austin, Texas, and we are thrilled to encourage each other as a team!

We ALL had an unforgettable, fun time together in this beautiful ocean city of Corpus Christi, Texas.

WOW!  We love to promote our amazing Ragdolls!  There is so much more to showing, than just winning....
But my amazing
BLUEDOLLS JASMINE did her fair share of that, too, with 7 finals at this show....

Jasmine is a new Grand Champion!

Such a wonderful show with our friends & Ragdolls
March 2-4, 2018
Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers
Houston Marriott North
255 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas

Such a beautiful 3 day all-in-one show: show hall & hotel in one luxurious setting!

Such an amazing time with our friends & our Ragdolls!

Our beautiful Beauty finished as 2nd Best Ragdoll kitten of the show,
at 4 months old, with 7 beautiful Ragdoll kittens competing.
We are very excited to show our baby Beauty.

Jasmine has loved every part of showing from 4 months old, even the show grooming.
However, now, as she has matured into
an adult, she has decided
that she is just not comfortable around all the other cats.  So it is with great sadness
that we will stop showing our gorgeous Jasmine.  Jasmine is a
Triple Grand Champion!! :)

We love our Jasmine so much, and we put our cat's health & happiness before showing.
April 7-8, 2018
Mission City Cat Club
Seguin City Coliseum
950 South Austin Street
Seguin, Texas

Wonderful final show of this 2018 show season with our Ragdolls and our dear friends.

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in our TICA family.

Our precious BEAUTY at 5 months old finished as #1 Ragdoll kitten of this show, with 8 finals.  There were 6
gorgeous Ragdoll kittens competing.  Congratulations to the breeders & owners of these fabulous kittens.
It was an exciting show for us.

We look forward to the coming show season with our Beauty baby, beginning in May 2018.