"Buttercup, Buttercup... our baby Buttercup!"
...that's the Buttercup song! ...and we actually sing it to her, regularly!  And yes, she even seems to love it!  :)

Buttercup is one of our foundation girls... Gorgeous, sweet and one of a kind!  
She has exquisite teddy bear type and personality.  She has been bragged on by the judges as having the prettiest
profile they have ever seen.  I just sit and tell her how amazing she is!  The kittens she and our Oliver had together
are gorgeous TICA Grand Champions, as well...

Our Butter was on her way to achieving the coveted Outstanding Dam title, yet was sadly spayed on
December 15, 2009 due to no longer conceiving.  We tried, unsuccessfully, to get her pregnant for over a year
and a half.  She is our cherished family member and will remain with us always.

Her gorgeous kids, with our amazing Oliver Sage:

* Supreme Grand Champion Alter Blossom Sage Chase N My Dream
lives in Canada and is #1 Ragdoll Alter for 2010 in
See Chase on our News page
* Supreme Grand Champion Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody
* RW Triple Grand Champion Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

May 3, 2010
Our Buttercup debuted in the shows in Alter Division in March 2010!  She started as a Quadruple Grand Champion
from her former showing days, and then received her BEST ALTER AWARD on the very first day of her return as an
Alter!  We just received our TICA confirmation letter today that she is officially a
SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER! ....Yippeeeee!!  How much fun is THAT?!!
We are so happy that we finished this girl's Supreme title!  She just so deserves it!

Scottie Cone... You blessed us with an amazing, rare girl.  She is our family forever!
SGCA Rags2riches Ms Buttercup of Blossom


Sire:  Floppicat Lindsay
Dam:  Chatandolls Crystal
DOB:  08/14/05

TICA South Central Region
3rd Best Ragdoll Alter
in 2 shows!
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