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Camilla is our beautiful, cherished girl.  
She is now a spayed pet, and lives in her happy new home, near Dallas, Texas.

The Camilla flower is a gorgeous, hearty little flower that comes in a variety of bright, cheery colors,
so we thought it fit our gorgeous girl perfectly.  Her name is also in honor of her amazing Momma Zinnia!

Camilla is a gorgeous combination of our own Zinnia & Hero, and she is 3 generations of Blossom breeding!
Milla loves to play and has a gorgeous profile, eyes, ears, size and smart personality
of Zinnia & Hero... She even has the beautiful little "star" blaze, just like her Momma Zinnia!  

We absolutely adore our baby Milla.  She enjoyed showing all the way to one year old, and then she said that was
enough, and so we listened to her.  Maybe she'll enjoy showing again after some babies??  She only needs one more
final to achieve a Grand Championship in TICA.  

Camilla had amazing, gorgeous kittens with our phenomenal Oliver Sage in 2011 and 2012
and is now our spayed and adored family member.  

Camilla is HCM negative.

...these are Camilla flowers...

Photos by Helmi
Camilla's 7 months

Pictures below taken on 11/1/10
at 6 months...
CH Blossom Camilla Kiss Love Song


Blue Point Mitted
RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
Dam:  DGC Blossom Zinnia Kiss Love Song
DOB: 04/22/10
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Photo by Helmi
Photo by Helmi