Chanson, is pronounced <sha-suh> and is a French song, said with a French accent.  :)  

Chanson is our TICA SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION in 4 shows!

Chanson has a "song in her name" in honor of her momma Melody, and is our big, gorgeous, sweet girl.  
She is just so pretty that we had to call her something fancy.  Her Mother is our very own, gorgeous
Her daddy the famous
Rocket!  Chanson is littermate sister to our beautiful Zinnia.

Chanson is a blue tortie mitted girl with a perfectly marked face... known as a split face... One side of her face is cream
and the other is blue... And the split goes right down the exact center of her nose!  We had a great time showing
Chanson and she is our 2010 South Central Regional Winner!  

Chanson loves being a Mommy, and she is the Mother to
Blossom Daddy D of Jalapeno
in The Netherlands, and Momma to our beautiful, new tortie girls, Aster and Azalea.  

Chanson is our sweet baby doll.

Chanson is HCM DNA negative
RW SGC Blossom Chanson du Rosemary


Sire:  RW SGC Harlequindolls Rocket of Katydolls
Dam:  SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody
DOB: 01/16/09

Best Blue Tortie Point Mitted Ragdoll of TICA INTERNATIONALLY!
South Central Regional Winner
13th Best Allbreed Cat
7th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Ragdoll
Best Blue Tortie Point Mitted
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