Proudly Announcing

Our adorable Linden has received the

The past show season of 2012-2013, Linden achieved his 2nd Regional Win in Championship Division!
Combine this with his 2012 International Win in Championship, and Regional Win in Kitten Division, both in 2012...
and Linden has accomplished his

2011 - 2012 TICA International & Regional Awards


16th Best Longhair Cat of TICA Internationally
2nd Best Ragdoll of TICA
Best Male Ragdoll of TICA
Best Blue Point BiColor of TICA
3rd Best Championship Cat of the South Central Region of TICA
Best Ragdoll Kitten of South Central Region of TICA

See Linden's amazing 2011-2012 show season

And Linden's 2012-2013 show season

Linden is our beautiful, sweet boy
and, in Blossom tradition, his name is botanical.

Linden is a flowering tree, and the Linden flower makes a healing herbal tea

He is so adorable, beautifully built, has wonderful boning, gorgeous eyes and ears,
and fantastic strong profile and chin... And not only is he beautiful,
but he literally melts in our hands, and he loves to play, play, play!
He is just one big, happy boy!

Even after his breeding at the age of 10 months, Linden continued to love the shows.  He has a phenomenal Ragdoll
temperament, and he is producing it in his gorgeous babies.  We hope he makes extraordinary Blossom babies for many
years to come... He is our precious family member, and we plan to keep him forever.

We cherish every moment with our precious Linden.  

Thank you, Christie of Keepurrs Ragdolls for entrusting us with this precious & amazing boy...
He is cherished here, always.

Linden is DNA tested
LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom

Blue Point Bi-Color
Sire:  RW SGC Keepurrs Skylar
Dam:  Keepurrs Cameron
DOB:  02/26/11
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Photo session, below, by Helmi Flick
3 months old
Photo session, below, by Preston Smith
6 months old
Photo session, above, by Audra Mitchell
7 months old