Melody blessed us with amazing kittens for Blossom Ragdolls!

Amazing Blossom show/breeding girls from Melody:

Chanson and Zinnia

...from Chanson are Azalea and Aster
...from Zinnia is Camilla, and from Camilla is Angel

Melody produced so many gorgeous and beautifully tempered Blossom Ragdoll pets
for our very blessed Blossom families!

Below, is our adored, new Blossom baby boy from Melody and Linden,
from their 09/26/2013 litter... Melody's final litter...

Melody's amazing and final contribution to Blossom Ragdolls....

Melody is forever foundational for the success of Blossom Ragdolls!

We adore you, precious Melody!
SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody


Sire:  QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
Dam:  SGC Rags2riches Ms Buttercup of Blossom
DOB:  06/30/07

2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011
TICA South Central Region Best Seal Point Mitted
and at the
7th International Ragdoll Congress
she was 4th Best of the Best Ragdoll Champion
Best Seal Point Mitted
SC TICA Region

Melody is now a spayed family member, and is forever foundational for the success of Blossom Ragdolls!

Melody is the Mother of our great boy,
Georgie Porgie

Blossom-bred, built like a boy, has amazing type, gorgeous deep navy blue eyes and a beautiful
sweetie pie temperament.  She has loved to show and we so adored taking her!  She became a first-time Mom on Friday,
January 16th, 2009! ...and wow what a wonderful Momma she is!  She's extra special... And so are her kittens!  

Melody was a wonderful Mom, and she went back to the shows just after her first litter was 4 months old....
2 of her gorgeous daughters were with us...
Zinnia and Chanson  
...these beautiful daughters were sired by LuAnn McMahan's awesome

Melody loves to show and after being a Mom, she earned her Quadruple & Supreme Grand Championship titles, plus was
7th IRC 4th Best Champion  ...Wow!  ...What a fabulous girl she is!

Melody is the foundation of Blossom Ragdolls and she will be a cherished and spayed family member, as of January 2014.

Melody's registered name... "Scarlet Sage" is a wildflower, just like her Momma Buttercup is a wildflower.  
Also "Sage" brings forward her fabulous Daddy Oliver Sage.  She is our glorious Melody of both!  

Melody is HCM negative from WSU

Please see more tribute to Melody, below
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