Blossom Love Me Lillifee

Sire:  LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
Dam:  RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

DOB:  02/23/2012

Wonderful news from our friends at Perfect Change Ragdolls in The Netherlands,
the happy & loving owners of Lillifee:  Jessica Van Beusekom and Stephan Van Oosterbosch

Lillifee was
BEST IN SHOW on Sunday, January 24, 2016
at the
Neocat World Show in The Netherlands!

This is the largest Traditional show in this area with over 900 cats competing!
Lillifee's division was about 50 cats.

We are so happy for these new and loving Ragdoll breeders to have beautiful Lillifee as their new family member!

So proud of you, Jessica & Stephan & Lillifee!

from Blossom Ragdolls!
Introducing our European/Traditional Show

Blossom Daddy D Thyme of Jalapeno

of Jalapeno Cattery our friends in The Netherlands

Marco & Wendy Smit

Sire:  RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
Dam:  RW SGC Blossom Chanson du Rosemary
DOB:  06/05/2010

September 7 & 8, 2013
Icc.e.v in Duisburg in Germany

December 18, 2010... March 27, 2011
April 9 & 10, 2011... May 15, 2011
August 6, 2011

Daddy D was awarded
400 all breed cats in competition

Thank you to Marco & Wendy for loving & showing your Daddy D so perfectly!
We love you & we're so proud of you!
Introducing our new
and Mother to the beautiful boy above!


Sire:  RW SGC Harlequindolls Rocket of Katydolls
Dam:  SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody

Chanson is our 2009-2010
Best Blue Tortie Point Mitted Ragdoll of TICA INTERNATIONALLY!
South Central Regional Winner
13th Best Allbreed Cat
7th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Ragdoll

Proudly Introducing
Deb Gray's Blossom show alter


Sire:  RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
Dam:  Blossom Oohlala Daisy Cherie

CFA's #1 Premier Ragdoll Alter  

Oliver was CFA's 2011
Best of the Best Premiership Ragdoll
of the
7th International Ragdoll Congress
September 25 & 26, 2010
Denver, Colorado

Thank you, Deb, for loving and showing
your Oliver so perfectly!  

We're so proud of you!


Sire:  QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
Dam:  SGC Rags2riches Ms Buttercup of Blossom


Thank you, Dana of Lovestory Ragdolls in Canada, for loving and showing beautiful Blossom Chase


Sire:  RW SGC Harlequindolls Rocket of Katydolls
Dam:  SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody

Zinnia is our 2009-2010
2nd Best Seal Point Tortie Mitted Ragdoll of TICA INTERNATIONALLY!
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TICA & CFA International Winners
Fun Blossom News

LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom

16th Best Longhair Cat of TICA Internationally
2nd Best Ragdoll of TICA
Best Male Ragdoll of TICA
Best Blue Point BiColor of TICA
3rd Best Championship Cat of the South Central Region of TICA
Best Ragdoll Kitten of South Central Region of TICA
12th Best Allbreed Cat of South Central Region of TICA

Linden is our very first International Winner and we are very excited!
We had the show season of life-long dreams, and
he achieved his IW in only 10 shows!

Our sincere appreciation goes to Christie Livingston-Becker of Keepurrs Ragdolls
for entrusting this amazing boy to us!  

We are forever grateful.

WOW!  He is such a joy and blessing!
June 28 - July 10, 2012

Cherished times with wonderful Ragdoll breeders & great friends!

Benefiting the Ragdoll breed with beautiful Blossom Kittens to:

Belgium -  
Memories Ragdolls
Germany -  Midnightdolls
Italy -  Sweet Ragdolls

Our sincere love & thanks to these wonderful friends...
We love & miss you so much!
2012 - 2013 Show Season, through November 2012

We proudly took 2 beautiful Blossom Ragdolls to Nahoko Kaizuka of Reddoor Ragdolls in Tokyo, Japan
on November 20 - 25, 2012.  She is a valued TICA judge and is foundational in the Ragdoll breed!  
We are so honored to have had this amazing time with her!  We are now new and valued friends!

We proudly
showed these 2 beautiful Blossom kitties that belong to Nahoko Kaizuka.

We brought our beautiful Seiryu to TICA Supreme Grand Champion!

Very special time for Blossom Ragdolls...
Our sincere and forever thanks to Nahoko Kaizuka

Nadeshiko and Seiryu

...Shiko & Rudy  :)

Nadeshiko is a
Japanese flower

Seiryu means King of the East
Blossom Love Me Luka of Memories

Sire:  LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
Dam:  RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

DOB 02/23/2012

News from our dear friends in Belgium

Memories Ragdolls
JeanPaul & Linda Derwae

September 23, 2012

Luka won the Ragdoll Club Benelux Cup!

This is a Ragdoll Special in Westerlo (Belgium) with about 53 Ragdolls in all colors and categories.

The Ragdoll club Benelux is the club for breeders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

CUP is the highest qualification that day!

BEST of all present Ragdolls!

BEST of all in the Show!


Thank you, Linda & JeanPaul, for loving and showing your Luka so perfectly!

We love you & we're so proud of you!
Everything here is so wonderful & special to us!
...from most recent
and through the years...

Blossom Love Me Lillifee

Sire:  LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
Dam:  RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

DOB:  02/23/2012

News from Midnightdolls Ragdolls
in Germany

Cat Club Germany Show
January 26 and 27, 2013

From our friends & her owners, Fritz and Andrea Amann:

The first day was already great:  Lillifee got her next two points for her International Champion.  She got the 4th place in
the European Ring Adult.  Then she was nominated for Best in Show semi-coat female, she got BEST IN SHOW female,
then she got BEST in BEST all semi-coat and then the 3th place of all cats!

And then Sunday came and she got all that a cat can get in one day:
She got her last needed two points - so she is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!

She got 1st place in the EUROPEAN RING ADULT (from a TICA JUDGE)
She got BEST IN SHOW again,
She get BEST IN BEST SEMI-COAT again and then the absolute best:
Lillefee was the BEST cat with over 230 cats in the Show

Ten judge (two from TICA) said she is the most fantastic Ragdoll and cat of this show.

Thank you, Fritz & Andrea, for loving and showing your beautiful Lillifee so perfectly!
We love you, and we're so proud of you!
RW SGC Blossom Muri Sage of Methodius

Sire:  QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
Dam:  CH Blossom Camilla Kiss Love Song

DOB:  11/27/2012

Beautiful MURI SAGE is loved, owned & shown
by Antonia Aleksova of
Methodius Ragdolls
in Bulgaria

Muri Sage was shown and earned his Supreme Grand Champion
title in 3 shows in TICA's 2013 show season!

It is a joy to work with Antonia & call her our friend.

Thank you, Antonia, for loving & showing Muri so beautifully!

We are so proud of you!
Blossom Dominique Delphinium


DOB:  07/29/2018

DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom
Bluedolls Jasmine

November 30, 2018, I personally hand carried Dominique to the loving home of my friend &
great Ragdoll breeder, Klaudia Pozorska in Warsaw, Poland ❤❤

This exquisite Blossom girl is from our amazing
Bluedolls Jasmine, bred by my friend,
Klaudia.  This beautiful kitten completes a wonderful kitten trade between us.

Sire of gorgeous Dominique is our Marlcreek Tony, he is our Blossom lines

....a tale of GREAT friendship!

Dominique is the littermate sister to our precious
Sugar & Maggie,
She is also, the sister of
Jentry Hendrick's girl, Blossom Thyme of Wasatch Ragdolls

This was a remarkable litter of 6 gorgeous, show/breeder quality kittens!


I have always worked hard in mentoring new Ragdoll breeders.  Especially now, I am putting a large amount of my
time into mentoring new Ragdoll breeders around the world.  Currently, I especially focus on some local USA
in Texas, Utah and Florida.  I am strict about BLUE EYED POINTED Ragdoll standards,
proper husbandry, and quality of every tiny detail of breeding and showing, and everything involved
to be a successful, high quality representative of the Ragdoll breed.

Each of these ladies came to me, requesting my mentorship.
 It is my greatest joy to bless & help them.

I spend a lot of time with these great ladies, and I consider them my family.
Each of these ladies are extremely eager to do everything correctly.
They are my pride & joy!

I am so proud & honored to introduce to you
...........  "TEAM DANA!"

Victoria Kostenko of Classicdoll in Florida

Mentored from her beginning, February 2018
She has
2 beautiful Ragdolls from BlueGem, 1 male, 1 female.
She has
had her beautiful 1st litter of kittens from these 2 BlueGem Ragdolls.

proudly owns Blossom Trixys Angel of Classicdoll
Megan Munoz of IM4EVRDOLLS in Dallas, Texas

Mentored from her beginning of February 2018, along with Jane Balter
She has had her 1st litter of beautiful kittens from:
Her beautiful boy:  Dolsragdolls Apollo Ilios Agori
Her beautiful girl:  Rockcreek Artemis of Im4evrdolls
Jentry Hendricks of Wasatch Ragdolls in Utah

Jentry comes to me with many years of dog breeding experience.

She is newer to Ragdoll breeding.

Jentry had a hard beginning in Ragdolls, and came to me, requesting my help.
Her years of animal experience makes Jentry an advanced student.

Jentry is the proud
, new owner of 2 beautiful Ragdoll kittens that I recently helped her to acquire:

Blossom Thyme of WasatchRagdolls                                   Bluedolls Rosemary     from Poland trip below

Mentoring is extremely important and special to me!
Dawn Andrews Smyth of BeeCave Ragdolls in Austin, Texas

Dawn is my most advanced student, and we are rather new as student/mentor.
Dawn and I are great friends from showing together.
I'm very excited for our future together.