We are blessed with gorgeous girls!
They are "oh so sweet" and live in complete harmony together, free in our home.  Our cats are our family and our home is
immaculately clean.  Yes, I work hard here, and I adore my life and work with my cats and kittens.

We proudly do not over-crowd our home with cats, nor would we ever dream of caging our Ragdoll children!
Every cat in our home is shown on this site, as we believe that's important.

We are very strict to never over-breed.  
Our girls have only one litter per year, and we never breed beyond our proper house space.  
I use an entire, private room for each litter.

We work from a waiting list to place our babies, and our kittens are usually sold before they are born.  

Not allowing too many cats or kittens keeps our entire home of cats beautifully healthy and properly socialized!
Over-breeding and over-populating can cause a list of terrible problems and diseases!

Our girls are spayed and retired from breeding at the prime of their life!
Most of our girls then stay here as our altered family!

Click here to see our treasured altered girls

We are proud of the immaculate care that we give our family of Ragdolls... And to our Blossom families!  
When you choose us for your kitten family member, you are welcome to come see our perfect Blossom care for yourself!  

We hope to hear from you soon.

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Our Gorgeous Blossom Girls
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