WELCOME TREVOR to the fabulous Blossom Ragdolls home!

Trevor is our new, sweet baby boy..... all the way from Russia!

In April 2019, I flew to Gdansk, Poland, just south of Russia, and my sweet friend, Julia of Juliannedolls, drove down to
meet for lunch and brought me this beautiful baby boy!  We have been friends for many years, exchanging Ragdoll
kittens, and I am so happy to have her gorgeous Trevor!

Trevor is extraordinary!  He is growing into a VERY big boy, now at 9 months!  His Daddy is so big that Julia says he is
"like a dog" and we see Trevor following in his footsteps.  We love this, because huge Ragdoll size
is hard to find these days... and this is important for the breed.  

Trevor has a
BEAUTIFUL profile, PROPER forehead; not flat and not domed.  He has PERFECT ears; size, shape & set.  He
has a
STRONG chin, and a beautiful FLAT nose segment on top.  Trevor has HUGE boning, WONDERFUL floppy sweet
temperament, medium
SILKY coat texture, big OVAL eye shape, and nice, medium BLUE eye color.  It is all important.  

Trevor is a dream come true!  We love everything about him!

We are very excited to show Trevor this show season, and we have a remarkable schedule planned!
See this show season page for Trevor's show fun!

We are certainly excited for his babies with our beautiful Blossom girls!

Watch out 2020!  Blossom Ragdolls is so excited about our beautiful, high quality kittens for you,
and to promote this great Ragdoll breed in the shows!

Trevor's parents are DNA tested
We are sure Trevor is HCM negative & he will be tested soon.
TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Juliannedolls Trevor Oak of Blossom

Blue Point Bi-Color
Sire:  Velykinadiyi Buffon
Dam:  Soulmates Michelle
DOB:  12/22/2018
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